Lender Insurance Advisory

We are regularly engaged in project financings where we serve as advisors to lenders on the risk and insurance aspects of the project.We guide on the insurable and uninsurable risks of the project and comment on the adequacy of the insurance policy.

Placement of Insurance

Placement of policy is a rigorous process of risk inspection, policy analysis, request for quotations, negotiation for the most value-based coverage, evaluation and recommendation of the policy, placement of policy and post-placement supervision.

Claims Management

Whenever clients have claims, we provide excellent support to ensure that the communication between the client and the insurer is transparent and smooth. We follow up rigorously with the insurer till the clients are compensated for their losses as per the terms of their insurance policy.

Risk Inspection

We thoroughly analyze the requirements of our clients/insurers to provide the best possible coverage, taking into consideration all risks associated with their business. The purpose of the inspection is to provide the insurer with a clear picture of the potential risks to be insured, it is also an invaluable tool in identifying & advising the client of loss preventive measures when dealt with on a proactive basis.

Global Program

We have partnered with reputed reinsurance brokers and provide optimal services for clients having Indian interest abroad.